Why A Construction Worker Should Have A Degree In Construction

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With any occupation there must some type of education earned in order to be hired. Most jobs require a minimum high school diploma. Education can involve experience or a degree from a university. Some occupations require experience before being concerned about degrees, and a construction occupation is an example of this. The standard education for a construction worker is a high school diploma, associate’s degree, and 3-4 years of apprenticeship. The associate’s degree is optional depending on the company. To obtain the title of manager the education is a little different. A worker must still have a high school diploma but they also need a bachelor’s degree involving management or architecture. A minimum of 5 years of experience is also required to achieve management status.…show more content…
Construction is always demanded because there are always repairs needed or new buildings being constructed. In a city there is more demand for these kind of jobs because there is more people and more buildings than a rural or country area. The total number of jobs for construction in 2014 was 945,400 with a 6% increase for the next 10 years. The estimated employment change for 2024 is 60,400. With these statistics, it shows that the jobs for this particular occupational field is increasing. In 2015, California was the state that had the biggest job increase in construction. California added 59,300 jobs which increased the total construction jobs by 8.6%. Other states that have also increased construction jobs are Florida, New York, and Hawaii. This proves the need for construction is greater in the areas with dense population and larger
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