Why A Hat Should Be Allowed In School

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How many times have you ever wanted to just throw a hat on top of your hair because you woke up late and did not want to deal with it? How often do you see an amazing piece of headgear and you thought wow I would so wear that but I can't wear it at school? How often do you think if i'm at school all day everyday doing all this work why can't you just wear what you want so you can put the final touch on this look. Well I think students should be able to wear a hat ,because they do all this work or if they have something embarrassing like hair or whatnot and even could improve self esteem and relations with others. Students wake up and go to school and do all this work while still conforming to what the schools say they should wear but as long as they are doing this work should they be able to wear what they want to wear , I mean shouldn't they as long as they still get their work done they should be able to wear what they want and not get in trouble for it,…show more content…
Hats are a wonderful thing that can show individuality and how different everyone is because this one person is just your average person who respects that classics and wears a normal ballcap.or someone a little more spontaneous who wears an unusual hat or even someone who likes joking around may wear a light bulb hat and by showing bits of yourself through hats you could make new friends and receive compliments on your hat and that could boost your self esteem and you will feel better about yourself and we could learn to see foreign hats and traditions as common and slowly grow to accept them and eventually call them friends and learn to love and make peace all through the power of hats and I think that is amazing Now that I have showed you some of these things you can hopefully see at least some of the reasons why we should be able to wear hats and if I'm lucky maybe I just changed your mind about them and maybe I made you jump on the band wagon and help us in the efforts to make hats allowed in
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