Why A Healthcare System Is An Organization Of People, Resources, And Functions

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A healthcare system is an organization of people, resources, institutions and functions delivering health care services for the health needs of society. In a new country, there are several key factors that should be considered when a healthcare system is to be implemented. This essay will discuss ten key factors and their explanation concerning how they may be used to deliver services. Healthcare Professionals Healthcare professionals are the individuals who actually provide medical services such as preventive, curative, promotional or rehabilitation treatments. They are extremely crucial to the operation of the healthcare system therefore proper hiring techniques should be used to make sure that an efficient team is formed. All…show more content…
The facility must promote, preserve and protect the safety of every individual within their care. The facility should be situated at a central location in which a large number of community members have access to it. The facilities should be able to provide all the services of a healthcare institution including birthing centers and psychiatric care centers. There is a need for medications and other supplies within the institution. Medical suppliers may provide all the necessary supplies like medications and surgical instruments. In most institutions, there are individuals who are responsible for ensuring that the supplies do not run out. Business challenges are part of operating any business therefore the healthcare institution must be able to solve the toughest business challenges while the suppliers mustbe able to take on their responsibilities, hence the quality of the care delivered is not compromised (Marmor & Wendt, 2011). Technology Presently, technology has saved countless lives. The advancement in technology has allowed healthcare professionals to diagnose illnesses and deliver treatments to patients in an enhance manner. Moreover, technology has improved the quality of care offered in a healthcare institution. Therefore, technology should be incorporated in the healthcare system in areas such as diagnosis of illnesses, surgical procedures, and treatment improvements for patients. Physicians
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