Why A Phd Is Necessary For Your Career Goals

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1. Why do you want to complete a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy? What do you intend to do professionally after you graduate? Please explain why a PhD is necessary for you to achieve your career goals. These questions assess the strength of your motivations, which is an indication of your ability to succeed in the program. Describe your experience and interest in research. What research question might you want to answer with your dissertation? Do you desire to teach? If so, in what context? What role will clinical work play in your future goals and plans? My desire to complete a PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy stems from my compassion to try to help and guide those who have marital issues. Also I have a passion to help families who are facing familial difficulties. I am a firm believer in the saying “all healthy family have issues”. It is okay to have problems it is how you work through the problems as a family that will determine a family dynamic. This degree will help me in my social work endeavors because my concentration was clinical with a specialization in families and children. The doctoral degree in marriage and family therapy will give me an opportunity to further my knowledge and ability to help those who are in need. After I graduate I plan on taking the licensing exam for my LMFT license. I plan on using my degrees, social work, LMFT license and experience to start my own group practice. The research question I may want to answer for my dissertation is
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