Why A Restaurant Should Be Paid At Home

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Paying the bill is the least exciting part of dining out. After eating that wonderful meal, it is hard to fork over any amount of money. Whether the destination of choice is McDonalds or Red Lobster, it is still difficult to dispense money towards a meal that could have potentially been replicated at home. Normally, the bill comes with an additional fee that adds on to the total cost of the food. Gratuity is a way customers show their appreciation or disapproval of their server. It is a direct reflection on how the customers perceived the performance of their servers. Some restaurants have made a transition to including gratuity into the bill. Essentially taking away the grading scale of the waiter or waitress. Tipping a server should be the decision of the consumer not the decision of the restaurant. In the United States the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour, however for workers relying on gratuity their wage drops to $2.13…show more content…
Depending on the impact the server makes most likely influences the amount of money the customer is willing to tip the server. By having a tip system, a competitive environment is created throughout the restaurant. Famous chef, Andrea Volpi, stated “Gratuity is a direct reflection of the guests' experience with their server. Without the service-included policy, the servers have more incentive to give great service which, in turn, may increase their gratuity.” Andrea Volpi generates several points that support the claim of straying away from a check with a service fee. Servers are not motivated when they are receiving minimum wage, the quality of their work decreases and the satisfaction of the customer declines as well. Restaurants should comprehend the fact that by having a tip incentive the service provided by their waiters and waitresses is severely different then when a service fee is factored into the
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