Why Accountability Is Not Something I

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Crucial Accountability Accountability is not something I have devoted much thought to or pondered about in detail. While reading Crucial Accountability, I started to recollect experiences in my past where accountability needed to be addressed. I realized that at times, I unconsciously held accountability conversations that were successful; and at other times, thoughtfully pursued accountability conversations that resulted in disaster. I was not aware until I started reading the text that a method exists for achieving success with accountability conversations. Also, I was unaware that my viewpoint and preconceptions could be the reason why some of my accountability conversations have gone wrong. I did not hold myself accountable to preparation before I held others accountable to their infractions! Prior to reading the text, I thought informing someone of how I felt about an infraction was a means to let him or her know I did not like what he or she did, not as a means for changing a pattern or behavior because he or she needed to be held accountable. However, after reading the text, I realized that I have a lot more responsibility and influence when having an accountability conversation. It never occurred to me that the reason for a failed outcome could be the way I approached and confronted someone. Probably the most profound lesson I learned was that I should be putting myself in the other person’s position to understand their perspective. I am guilty of jumping
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