Why Adidas And Nike Is The Best Choice For Me

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I- Introduction In this section, I will explain why I have chosen those companies and will speak about their histories. 1) Why Adidas and Nike? Two reasons lead me to make this choice. First of all, I am really fond of sport. I have been played soccer since ten years and always wear Adidas and Nike so it is two companies I know very well. Then, when I was thinking about which companies I was going to choose, I wanted two multinationals and one American company and one European company. So Adidas and Nike was the best choice for me. Today, Adidas and Nike are the two leaders of the sports market and therefore live competitor 2) Adidas’ history Adidas is a European Sports company created in 1949. Today, the company is known all over the world (it is one of the ten most famous company in the world). Created by Adolf Dassler, its name comes from the contraction of the firsts syllables of his first name and name: Adi + Dass  Adidas. At the beginning, the brand was specialized in the sport shoes. But soon, the company has varied its range (more than 700 patents between 1955 and 1985). That’s why, the brand becomes quickly leader on the sport market. 1 It is the first sport company to sponsor athletes and sport teams and also the first to use publicity with well-known athletes (Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Max Schmeling, Sepp Herberger and Franz Beckenbauer). 3) Nike’s history Created in 1971 by Bill Bowermann

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