Why Adolescents Commit Suicide

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Adolescents are an important group for every society and country. Each year unfortunately, thousands of adolescents are dying, not from cancer or car accidents, but by their own hands. They make the choice to take their lives. There are many laws and regulations promoting healthy lifestyles for adolescents within the United States. Adolescence is a period of physical and psychological change for teenagers. The central theme of the adolescent individual focuses on identity development, creating one’s value system, and accomplishing life goals. Adolescents have many psychological and social problems. Psychological problems consist of depression, stress, and anxiety. Social problems include social networks such as family, friends, and the academic setting. This period includes notable negative behaviors such as suicide attempts and alcohol and drug use. The number of teenagers who take their lives is rapidly increasing each year. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDS), suicide is the third-leading cause of death among U.S. adolescents. Overall, suicide ranks as the 11th leading cause of death among the American population (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2006). Suicide attempts occur in different age groups; however, suicide attempts are more common among adolescents than other age periods. The number of youths, ranging from ages ten to 14 committing suicide has been of particular concern, with suicide rates increasing 51% between 1981 and
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