Why Advanced Nurses Should Be Involved At Epidemiological Research?

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Why do you believe advanced nurses should be involved in epidemiological research? The process of communication is very important in public health, which gave an effort to include a chapter of Communication in Public Health in the healthy people 2010 objectives for the first time. Health communication is seen to have relevance in virtually every aspect of health and well-being, including disease prevention, health promotion and quality of life (Rimal, 2009). With the combination of health information technology and effective health communication process, we can improve health care quality and safely to increase the efficiency of health care and public health service delivery. There are also potential to improve supportive care in the…show more content…
The emergency events caused by infectious disease, natural or anthropogenic causes with the potential to overwhelm or otherwise disrupt routine local capacities due to their timing, scale or unpredictability should be communicated properly and routinely which requires rapid knowledge transfer and uptake (Khan et al., 2017, p. 2). During a public health emergency, it is very important to have effective communication. Collaboration defined as working together, will help us to deal with the problem faster. Communication between the interdisciplinary refers to members working as a team. By working together, we could trace the origin of the health emergency, keep track of the issue and work together for the solution. In health care all different disciplines have to work together, they all have different level of knowledge on different issues. We all depend each other and no discipline in health care can work by themselves. This will empower and stimulate creativity of workers, promote teamwork and learning and able to promote comfort with implementing changes. This will also motivate staff to accept increased responsibility and enable workers to communicate openly and directly. The ability to effectively work on an interdisciplinary team is a major focus in all disciplines in the health care profession. Advanced nurses work close to patients or the community they serve for. They have closer relationship with the community.

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