Why Advertising Alcohol Is Destroying Public Well Being

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Brenna Clarine
Mrs. Vanwormer
C.P. Reading & Writing
6 May 2016
Why Advertising Alcohol Is Destroying Public Well-Being When I was nine years old, I remember seeing the most delectable, mouthwatering commercial on television. It was for beer. Growing up in a family that did not drink, I never thought beer could look so appetizing. The beverage was everywhere I looked—except for in my own fridge. Not only adults, but kids and teens everywhere are being bombarded with alcohol advertisements. Many of these youths choose to succumb to these ads and end up with destructive drinking habits. Not only is alcohol damaging to youth but also to adults. According to a U.S. study, adults were found to put themselves at severe risk of harm after having more than four drinks in one session (Medew). This number can change depending on the gender, size, athleticism, and other factors of the consumer. Although some may say that alcohol is not too damaging if drunk responsibly, the fact that alcohol is a direct route to damaging organs like the liver, heart, and pancreas and harming the brain is a red flag (NIHSeniorHealth). To whatever extent, alcohol weakens the brain’s control over movement, speech, memory, and especially judgement, which often leads to impulsive behavior and other dangerous activities (NIHSeniorHealth). There are plenty of harmful side effects of drinking, so the obvious solution to preserving the nation’s well-being is to not encourage it. One quote by a Seattle…
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