Why Advice Is Important

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Something everyone should use until the world ends. Advice. Advice is helpful, while making a decision, and having a friend to lean on when things get hard. Advice is helpful for not jumping straight to conclusions, that could make the situation worse. That's where making the right decision comes in. Having the options and thinking about the effect it could have is good. When things get hard that's when a friend should be useful. Advice is helpful because something confusing and frustrating can become very clear and simple. Just having someone to talk to can make everything clearer. The one I usually see the most is people confused over the littlest things. That's when having to look at all the options comes into play. The options that people look at aren't there for just ignoring. Options are there for looking at making a better decision. No one wants to make a decision that will make them think it will ruin their lives. There's no such thing as ruining a life it just means there are more options to look at.…show more content…
Look at all the options and figure out how badly it will effect the situation, or if it will make life better. There's no leaving a problem alone. Work it out with advice and the options that will make the problem better. If the problem is calling for a friend. Then a friend should want to listen. Usually I have friends asking me for advice. I don't see it coming from my family very much. The good thing is that I have a friend who can look up to me and say she is easy to talk to. Being experienced down all these different paths make me think that it's nice to have a friend. Someone to lean on and to talk to that will listen, should be the friend that becomes the best
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