Why Agent Based Solution?

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Why Agent based solution? -Software agent works in a distributed environment in which interoperability and collaboration among them provides an e ective approach to decompose a complicated task into several simpler subtasks. This same paradigm applies to web services by which diverse organizations o er their services to the whole community. This analogy suggests to incorporate both technologies in order to bene t from their advantages and avoid some weaknesses. In other words, software agents is used as a means to represent web services for the following important bene ts: 107 1. Web services are inactive software components which lack the ability to nd and communicate with others. In contrast, Agents are active entities that can search,…show more content…
op is the service operation name. 2. I is the set of input parameters of the service. 3. O is the set of output parameters of the service. 108 4. QoS is the set of quality parameters of the service, including availability, execution time, price, and reputation. Usually, op, I and O are represented by semantical concepts (e.g., service ontology). The ontology is a common language on which a particular domain community has agreed to represent a set of standard concepts within the domain such as bank industry. De nition 3.2. Web Service Composition De nition 3.3. Composite Web Service De nition 3.4. User Request De nition 3.5. User Preference De nition 3.6. Service Constraints De nition 3.7. Constraint Expression De nition 3.8. Service Relation is a relation that describe the order of execution among a set of services. The basic relations can be speci ed as follows:  Sequence: service 2 is executed after the completion of service 1. It can be denoted as the sequence operator ..  Mutual exclusion: Either service 1 or service 2 is executed, but not both. It can be denoted as the the mutual exclusion operator . 109  Parallelism: Both service 1 and service 2 are executed concurrently. It can be denoted as the parallelism operator +.  Iteration: service 1 is executed serveral times. It can be denoted as the iteration operator . NEEDS more
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