Why Alcohol And Drug Addiction Is Considered A Disease

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Offenders that are frequently arrested for drugs and/ or alcohol should be obligated to participate in a treatment program. Individuals that have a dependency on drugs and or alcohol show a need for treatment programs. On the webpage, Enterhealth: Why Alcohol and Drug Addiction is Considered a Disease, the writers (2008 – 2010) said, addiction is considered a brain disease because alcohol and drugs literally change the brain chemically, structurally and functionally. Scientist have performed researches on rebuilding the brain after it has been abused by drugs and or alcohol. Since treatment programs are not a one size fits all, there is a need for different types of treatment program. Inside of these treatment programs the offender will learn the skills and gain tools they need to apply to everyday life.

Society assumes that when offenders are released from prison or jail, they are cured and will be a righteous citizen in their community. This assumption is truly not the case, these offenders are addicts and addicts need to be screened treated for their disease. Screening the addict for a specific treatment program is an important step. Bellessa and Hanser (2008) said, it is important in community supervision to be able to successfully and accurately screen for drug abuse (Pg. 218). Treatment designers have developed a tool to make screening the addicts a little bit easier. There is a sequence of questions that the offender/addict needs to answer truthfully to get the best
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