Why Alcohol Should Not Be Allowed on College Campus

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Alcohol consumption is not illegal in the United States, unless people are under 21 years old. Almost every student in college campuses that is over 21 years old wants to drink alcoholic beverages. Some even think that alcohol should be allowed on college campus. However, if alcohol is allowed on campus, it could possibly impact under 21 years old students and other students who don’t drink in terms of academic development and students’ health. The truth is that drinking alcohol under 21 is illegal. People may say many college students drink anyway, but officially, it is against the law. Many college students smoke pot which is also illegal, but that does not mean campuses allow students to smoke up. Although students have many reasons to…show more content…
Gradually, they cannot catch up, or keep up with the lessons, and become lazy. The worst thing is some even give up on their study. Alcohol can make people lose their inhibitions and behave impulsively, so it can lead to actions they might not otherwise have taken – including self-harm and suicide. Considering the other students who doesn’t drink and hates to be around alcohol, it is not fair for them to be around people that prefer to drink instead of study. Consequently, I believe that it is better if alcohol should not be allowed on college campus because alcohol can damage students’ physical health, emotional health, and mental health. If the school allowed alcohol on campus, the first solution for students to enjoy or relax after hard time to study is grab a drink. School is a place for students to enhance their knowledge and education; school is not a place for students to practice how to relax with alcohol. Likewise, there are a lot of healthier ways to relax and reduce the stress such as listing music, going out with friends, shopping, exercising. Students over 21 years old can drink alcohol in anywhere else with any reason because it is legal for them to drink. No one can have an opinion if drinking damages students’ health, which is belong to their own. They have their choices, and they are responsible for what they choose. However, school should not be allowed alcohol on academic campus to
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