Why Aliens Exist Research Paper

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Aliens are not just for sci-fi movies and the imaginary dreamlands of UFO enthusiasts, they are a very real possibility with the reality of possible dangers that could occur with the introduction of a non-earth species from another universe. Astronomers and fiction fans alike have been curious about the possible circumstances around which alien populations exist mere light-years away. Of the many popular theories is that an alien population exists, and it is slowly conquering and colonize earth-like inhabitable planets along the universe from galaxy to galaxy. This theory obviously involves a quite advanced alien population, who have surpassed the knowledge we have accumulated here on earth, in order for them to be able to travel at speeds fast enough to travel through the universe and survive the journey. Two US-Based astronomers believe that even if these civilizations exist, inviting them with open arms is not an adequate plan. The basic differences in biology could breed a multitude of diseases and even worse plagues like the black death. The article references the analogy of Europeans coming to the Americas in the 1500s and how their contact with the native people was horrendous for the health of the indigenous. Kipping and Teachey from Columbia university believe that a similar outcome would fall upon the Earth if an entirely different…show more content…
Though this is not exactly a kid in his backyard pointing a laser into the eyes of an airline pilot, these lasers will need a lot more energy, requiring a continuous 30-MegaWatt laser for about 10 hours for one day every year. They believe the usage of this mega laser would cloak the biosignature of the Earth from universe probing
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