Why All Police Officers Should Carry Tasers

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Criminology | Why All Police Officers Should Carry Tasers | Why All Police Officers Should Carry Tasers In this day and age self-protection is always a key concern for many people. The fear of crime and even the people who commit crime, there is always a chance that you could get robbed, caught up in physical altercation, or even happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. People in general approach these situations differently and prepare for these situations in different ways. Smart people normally avoid putting themselves in situations like these by just avoiding “problem areas” thus eliminating as much trouble as they possibly can. However, police officers put their lives on the line daily, putting themselves on…show more content…
I feel the answer is yes and here’s why. Much of these reasons are based on my own experiences working as a federal law enforcement official with the United States Coast Guard overseas and on the home front. All police should have effective methods to divert to when criminals are hazardous or uncooperative. Usually police officers carry pepper spray, batons, and a firearm. In many cases the baton is seen as brutal or violent method to get suspect to cooperate simply by beating them. Then there is pepper spray which I have had personally shot in my face with. “The pain caused by pepper spray is intense ... [and causes] an involuntary closing of the eyes, a gagging reflex, and temporary paralysis of the larynx” (Wu, 371). It is very effective but on the flip side if a officer sprays pepper spray the odds that some of the spray gets on the officer is also very likely causing discomfort and possibly impairing the officer for seeing properly if it blows back in his eyes. Also, pepper spray sometimes has no effect on people under the influence of drugs. Third, there are firearms and let’s face it if a gun is involved odds are very high that someone ends up dead and that’s never a good thing. I
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