Why Alternative Dispute Resolution ( Adr ) Experts

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2) Why do alternative dispute resolution (ADR) experts emphasize the importance of Problem Solving approach in conflict resolutions? Are there weaknesses and/or short coming to this approach? The problem solving approach in conflict resolution is when parties in a conflict engage in dialogue that will allow for re-conceptualizing the conflict with a new view to find creative, or win-win, outcomes. Problem solving approach, used by alternative dispute resolution (ADR) experts requires joint effort by all parties involved. During the process, all parties must be able to freely exchange ideas which will allow for brainstorming and opening up dialogue in search of alternatives that will satisfy all parties’ needs, interests, aspirations, and/or positions. While differences in values and interests are usually one facet of the conflict, they can also be used to claim and create new values, rather than as a basis for irreconcilable differences. For instance, while Muslims and Christians do not believe in the same God, they both do believe in one God. This type of approach also allows for bridging of differences by framing and reframing the issue(s) that divide the parties, which will allow all parties to reengage their Pre-Frontal Cortex and allow them to have more compassion (Brain whispering: The neurosciences of mediation, February, 2016). Alternative dispute resolution experts also use problem solving as it is a method that requires integrative analysis to be used in a way
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