Why Am I Still Single Essay

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Why am I still single?
You are hitting thirty-two wondering why you are still single. Your high school classmates are married. It seems everybody is married except you. You ask yourself a lot of questions why you are not yet married. You are thinking something is not right with you. You are wondering how it is possible to be single at such an age when during your teen years you had purposed to get married before hitting the 30s.
There are many reasons why people decide to be single. Some of the reasons why people decide to remain single look as if they are strange. Some of the reasons do appear weird but not necessarily all of them. Nonetheless, every person has different expectations in life. While some expectations appear to align to each
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You should have an open curiosity from which you can make out whether you should go ahead and strike a relationship with that person or not. But, if you always dismiss people with a flick of your finger then you will never end on a marriage bed. If you are regarded by people as an iron lady or man who is hard to approach and date, then you’ll end up in their list as someone who is difficult to engage in a meaningful relationship.
4. You Are Defensive
Breakups hurt. It is very hard to believe the relationship came to an end. After the breakup, you do whatever you can to ensure nobody hurts you. This is particularly the case with people who have undergone several breakups. You feel you’re giving people the leeway to hurt you then leave you in the darkest corner. You put up defensive mechanisms to ensure no one will hurt you again.
The fact is we can’t avoid the possibility of never being hurt. It is part of life. It is not so much a matter of being hurt but how you react to the hurt. Therefore, should you drop your defensive mechanisms? Yes, you should. You should learn how to react when hurt even though it’s too painful. Even in near-to-perfect relationships hurt is inevitable because some of them are
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