Why Amateur Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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Amateur athletes have become increasingly popular today and there are three major subdivisions, which are recreational league, high school, and college. These three amateur athletic branches are extremely different, especially based on skill level. Each different stage of an athlete’s career comes with a higher level of play and longer hours perfecting a certain type of sport. Although there are many different reasons why amateur athletes should not be paid, I believe that if we isolate just college athletes under the ‘amateur’ idea, than they should be paid. The only time we will be able to truly fight whether or not we should pay amateur athletes is by understanding who actually falls into the category of being an amateur. There are…show more content…
If we used the statement loosely than yes, a college athlete would be considered a professional because they are an expert at the game they play. Neither high school nor recreational players can say they are experts because they are still at the prime of learning the sport as a whole. An example of this would be that a college player learns not only how to play the game physically, but also how to mentally play the game; on the other hand high school players are still very much trying to better their skills and haven’t quite understood the importance of being mentally prepared to play a sport. Pushing that argument aside, let’s assume that collegiate athletes are considered to be amateurs. If that is the case, then yes amateur athletes should be paid. They should be paid for multiple reasons, but only a couple stand out. The reasons are that they “draw in talent, put their health on the line, and they are the business” (Asia Pacific Economic Blog). The first reason why college athletes should be paid is because they draw in talent to the school. Younger players who are interested in playing sports in college are often going to camps for that sport and while they are there they are getting a feel for the players already on the team. These younger players see how good these collegiate players are and inspire to be just like them. These colligate
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