Why Amazon Is A Consumer Centric Company

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Amazon.com is one of the world’s largest online retailer as well as a consumer centric company. Amazon.com began as an online book store and now it has grown to start selling much more products like DVD’s, VH’s Cd’s, Video and Mp3, Software Video Games, Electronic, Apparel, Furniture, Food, Toys and jewellery. Amazon has grown across the world and is working on behalf of customer centers. This way Amazon is able to provide fast and reliable shipping straight from their website. The products that are sold through the Amazon website is not always stocked at their facility. Amazon doesn’t stock everything that is sold through its website. Amazon launched the sale of used products through its seller marketplace. The seller marketplace provides another retail revenue stream for the company without the need to stock products in its warehouse. Seller’s handles advertising and shipping. Amazon separated retail websites for other countries. Amazon offers international shipping to certain countries for some of its products. One of the reason amazon has expanded more is because it offer consumers different types of products at more conveniently and lower prices. Amazons market is divided into different segmentation. One is market segment, second is target segment, third is geographic segmentation, fourth is demographic segmentation, fifth is psychographic segmentation, and sixth is benefit segmentation and lastly usage segmentation. Geographic segmentation is dividing a market by
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