Why America Should Adopt Standardized Manufacturing

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Why in America One reason for why America heavily adopted standardized manufacturing was that America was experiencing a rapidly growing population. This was thanks to large amounts of immigrants entering the country and populating it. With a rapid rate of population growth there was rapid demand growth for specific types of commodities. The country at the time was growing nearly three percent per year in population which was double of any European country. The growth increased the market opportunity available. New households were being created and this required new improvement to transportation and railroad construction would be the large abundance of land available. With land not being a scarcity in America as it was in Europe meant the food prices in America were relatively low. This meant they had a large amount of disposable income because they weren’t spending a lot on food. They wanted specific commodities now. In order to meet the increasing demand and opportunity standardized manufacturing was a key adoption in doing so. For example, when the author states “Americans were rapid adopters of foreign technologies when it suited their economic needs, and they were also skillful in modifying someone else’s technology to make it more suitable to their needs” (Rosenberg, 105) which clearly shows technology was advancing with the Americans resources and skillset. The second reason why standardized manufacturing took off in America was also the large supply of natural

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