Why America Still Have A Need For A Marine Corps

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The United States Army receives three times the annual funding budget and can accomplish ground missions similar to the Marine Corps, then why does America still have a need for a Marine Corps. It is because Marines train for the worst possible outcomes by keeping one step in front of the enemy and the Marines act as quick reaction force capable of scaling its size to handle whatever the immediate threat presents. Why does America still have a need for a Marine Corps? Since 1775, the Nation has called upon the Army and Marines to defend its borders and protect its shores. On June 14, 1775, the Continental Army formed a militia to fight in the American Revolutionary War; before the United States was even established as a country. The Army’s mission is to fight and win the Nation’s wars by providing prompt, sustained land dominance across the full range of military operations in support of combat commanders. Then just five months later on November 10, 1775, out of a bar in Pennsylvania called the “Tun Tavern” two battalions of Continental Marines formed to protect the Nations naval fleet. Since then They have continually reviewed their mission in the context of this uncertain world, adapting to the changing security needs of the Nation while preserving the core values and professional capabilities that make Marines succeed in war, peace, and at the front door of conflict. The Army is a sustainment force with the ability to occupy a region for extended periods. It takes

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