Why Americans Consume So Much More Than We Need? Essay

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Deirdre Mc Dermott Professor Reinschmidt SOCI 312-01 17 November 2016 Tiny House Movement Why Americans consume so much more than we need? Simply, because America is a consumption based society. Maslow has a theory about the Hierarchy of needs. Arguing that a relatively fixed and universal hierarchy of needs. The hierarchy starts off with lower needs which include food, shelter and clothing. Next in the hierarchal ladder are basic needs, which would include the feeling of being safe and having a feeling of belongingness, love, esteem and self-actualization. At the top of the ladder would be higher needs or also known as the ideal needs. An individual may not reach these needs until the lower needs and basic needs are met. Higher needs would include aesthetic, knowledge and understanding (Mayerfeld Bell & Ashwood, 2016). Yet, the hierarchal of needs does not explain why we consume so much. We believe we must keep up with the Joneses. We crave immediate gratification and convenience has helped us get that gratification quicker. A perfect solution for reducing consumption would be if we had small homes. Allowing us to store less and only keep the items we actually need and use on a day to day basis. The Tiny House Movement will help American’s with consumption and materialism. Discussing the benefits of tiny houses and things to consider before joining this movement. Remembering that this movement is not for everyone but I believe this is a good push in the right

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