Why Americans Hate Politics Essay

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When I hear the word “politics” I cringe and really try to avoid any situation where that topic may come up. Today it has become a topic to be avoided at all costs in conversation with those you live with, work with, or are friends with. It can very easily ruin friendships, create hostile tensions in the work place, or break up marriages. What is the cause of this? That is a very good question and can have many different answers for many different people.
Personally, I am not very involved with the political campaign process or even politics in general. Although, if I feel strongly enough about something I will stand up and fight for that topic and politics just happen to not be one of those topics. However my roommate is quite
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A very interesting fact I took from the article was that:
“The 1994 National Election Study found, for example, that 77% of Americans under 30 said they trusted the Federal government to do the right thing only “some of the time” or “none of the time”; 79% thought that Washington was run to benefit just “a few big interests looking out for themselves”; and 54% believed that “quite a few” of the people in government are crooked”.
That study was from 18 years ago and while I was reading through the article those numbers just jumped right off the page to me. I honestly believe that those numbers are even higher today. There are many hot button issues today that are constantly debated and talked about that in my opinion cause Americans to trust the government even less. These topics range in from a wide variety but today the mains topics of discussion seem to be the war in Iraq, gas prices, and the state of our economy. Also I believe that the lack of trust is from all of the “mud-slinging” that goes on in a presidential campaign as well as some of the scandals that have arisen. A prime example of the recent scandals is the sex scandal the involved possible vice presidential nominee John Edwards. I remember that being all that you heard of for the longest of times. An example of mud-slinging I believe being done is the media has to do with the Republican Vice President Nominee Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter being pregnant. It is sad to

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