Why An Ad Can Show A Woman Of A Dominant, And Empowering Role

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Ever wonder why an ad can show a woman in a dominant, and empowering role but stillsexualize them? We see it in everyday media whether it’s on the internet, television, or amagazine ad. Society would show a powerful woman in an ad but would display her as onlybeing powerful through sex. Lavazza The Espresso Experience ad displays a women hoveredover two baby boys with a wolf-like fur on her back while holding a cup of espresso. This ad isalso a visual of the old Italian myth about a “She-Wolf” finding two twin boys and raising themto be great leaders and build the empire Rome. In this case the women in the ad is representing avery powerful role with being the “She-Wolf” but is hyper sexualized by her posture, bare legsand arms, and gaze. Displaying the female in a mothering role with such a sexual position willnot protect stereotypical cultural views men and women have on each other. The ad is notdisplaying the actual value of a strong nurturing women but instead belittling her by using herstrength as a sexual attraction. Gender roles in advertisement can change and rearrange culturalviews on men and women.Through the analysis of the ad it is visible that they emphasized her body posture into asort of arch position. The body gesture of the female suggests a mothering and nurturingfeature. She is hovering over the kids for protection almost in an animalistic way. Usually, when
Pierre 2a wolf is threatened they would contract their stomach upwards as a warning. However,

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