Why An American Industrialists Quote

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"Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." This quote was from Andrew Carnegie. I wondered why an American industrialists quote could add onto my story. But once I finished expanding this paper I realized that this paper has everything to do with those very words.
And with my first team. A volleyball team to be exact. I remember the day I tried out. Nervousness consumed me. I remember getting changed in my little shorts and a T-shirt with a high ponytail. We did simple warm ups, like setting the ball to one another, or playing bump set spike. I remember whenever I
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I remember getting angry at my mom when she asked me about it. I think I thought that she read my mind and knew exactly how nervous and sad I was.
A few days later on a friday the lists of the teams were posted on the door heading down to the lunchroom on the third floor. At first I didn’t even want to look even though people hands slap my back making it sting. After a while I built up the courage to look. For some reason embarrassment started to bubble up inside of me before I even saw at the paper.
I scanned the first team list (The Blue Team.) My name was nowhere in sight. My heart slowly started to drop. I started reading off the second team. (Team Gold) Every name that I read that was not mine my heart slowly inched its way into my stomach. I ran my finger down the paper marking the names I have read. Thoughts of how I was going to tell my mom and dad that I failed to make the team. Close to the bottom the girls who I don 't care for sit.I started to get even closer to the bottom. A long sigh escaped my body and lingered in the air. There it was, my name, it sits right above a few others. I could feel my face cool and a smile slightly form on my face. I went home that day filled with excitement, telling everyone about my EXCITING news!
All of the practices went by so fast. In about three weeks a game came. I remember sitting in the gym of a high school ready to play. Excitement and nervousness took over. I remember thinking of all of the bad things
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