Why Ancient Athens Was Not Culturally Competent

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There are a number of reasons why ancient Athens was not culturally competent, yet they do have a sense of morals and principles. This applies to the definition of cultural competence: looking at new people/societies through the lens of self-awareness, perspective, analysis, cultural wisdom, empathy, and circumstances, and not instantly making assumptions about people. Furthermore, there is the notion of applying ideals from our modern society, a completely different and idealistic society compared to ancient Athens, to a civilization that existed so long ago. Though the Athenians had a good system of democracy involving everyone, they were not culturally competent due to the oppression of women, their disgust of cultures that differed from their own, and their limited definition of 'citizens '. These reasons support my thesis due to the fact that they contradict what we define as ‘cultural competence’ and there were many instances where they were not culturally competent.
One example of limited cultural competence is their contradictory democratic system. Despite the fact that the democratic system mended the rift between Athenian aristocrats who had “long monopolized the political decision making process” and the middle and working class people, the uniformity was limited to a small fragment of the population. For example, in the middle of the 4th century, there were approximately 100,000 citizens (which was limited even further to men and women whose parents had also
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