Why Animal Abuse And Being Against Zoos?

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Did you know the extra animals or adult animals at zoos get killed, slaughtered, or put in a traveling circus because the zoo cant afford to take care of them anymore? And I really love animals and I want to see them well taken care of and loved. Not treated horribly like some zoos do. In my opinion, i am against zoos because of animal cruelty, abuse and stress, small cages and dirty living spaces. Finally, zoos can't let the animals back into the wild because they can't hunt or survive in the wild after being in the zoo.
First I am against zoos because of animal cruelty, abuse, and stress on the animals. At zoos many people hit and yell at the animals through the glass and that is a type of abuse and it makes the animals stressed and/or depressed. This shows abuse and stress towards the animals, instead of doing that you could just LOOK. Animals may not be as depressed and boring to see. Also zoos trade or sell off animals because they don't make as much money as baby animals. The adult animals get put in a circus or get slaughtered. Imagine if you got sold or slaughtered because you weren't a baby anymore. How would you feel? This also shows abuse and animal cruelty because they might have to live their life in a circus or have their ended because you are an adult. Finally, people throw trash in the cages so the animals can die or get sick. They also can't escape if there is a flood, fire, or other disasters. So they die of get hurt which is abuse. FInally this shows

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