Why Animal Testing Is Bad

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Animal testing, also known as animal research or experimentation refers to the use of non-human animals to conduct experiments which seek to control certain variables that have the potential to impact the biological systems or behaviors under study. The most commonly used animals are usually mice, cats, rats, dogs and primates. More than 20 million animals are usually subjected to food, drugs, chemical and cosmetic testing each year in the United States alone (Sharma et al, p.1). These animals usually suffer and die in the cruelest of ways despite the fact that there exist more modern non-animal tests which have been found out to save time, money and with more educational value. This essay explains why animal testing is bad and provides…show more content…
Reasons why animal testing should be banned One of the reasons as to why animal testing should be banned is because it is cruel and causes stress to the subject animals (Sharma et al, p.1). In most cases these animals are usually placed in cages and prodded for days on end. In as much as animals cannot be said to possess the same level of intelligence as human beings, research has proven that they still exhibit some however low it may be. For instance, some of the domesticated animals have been trained to obey certain ideas and react to certain situations and this goes to show that they are intelligent enough to learn. There are some who have been found to exhibit emotion in form of loneliness and even stress. It is therefore quite obvious that keeping them in cages for long periods of time and having them experience agonizing procedures would make them stressed up. What this means is that animals should be left to experience the natural environment as it is without restriction as this is most probably the way they were meant to live. These creatures may not be able to express themselves through speech but it is obvious that they are intelligent beings and so just like human beings, their rights need to be upheld by banning animal testing. Secondly, animal
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