Why Animals Can Help With Development And Social Skills

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Danielle Paciorek Honors English II Mr. Bergmann 10 October, 2016 Today around America, 62 percent of the population owns at least one pet in their household, leaving the other 38 percent animal-free but how come they do not have one? Maybe because they hate animals or don 't have the essentials to care for one. Maybe they simply just are not sure if they want one. Although many people do not have pets, having an animal as a pet comes with many benefits. Some include helping with children, lowering depression, helping the blind, or simply to be the man 's bestfriend. I want to discuss pets and why they are important to the human 's everyday life. First I 'll talk about what animals can do, like help with development and social skills, then how they help with the human health, how they help the disabled, and finally how they help build responsibility in a child at a young age. Many different research and studies have shown that animals have proven to help with development and social skills in children and adults. “Pets are also a continual source of unconditional love and affection, leading children to rate the family pet only behind their parents in terms of what makes them feel good about themselves.” (Ella Jameson) This would essentially boost their self esteem. Self esteem is important for us as humans to have because it helps build confidence, feelings and competency as they successfully help out others. A family pet could be the difference in a child making friends
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