Why Anti Heroes Are So Appealing For The Public

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As humans, we all have the tendency to shape and mold ourselves so that we posses the qualities that will make us likeable. This likability is something that is more needed than it is wanted, a cover to help aid the facade that we have all adapted, a facade that hides the dark carnal urges that many of us posses deep within ourselves. It is an ingrained habit for us to hide them away, and instead be kind-hearted individuals with the purest intentions. When we encounter someone with the kinds of qualities that we are predisposed to despise, we cannot seem to look away. A part of ourselves is enraptured by the negativity that some people seem to emanate, they embody the parts of ourselves that we possess, but are groomed to hate. Once presented with a movie or show with a distinctly obvious hero/villain, we are entertained, but that 's typically the extent of our feelings towards them because of how unrelatable they are. This is why anti heroes are so appealing to the public. They are neither fully good nor fully bad, they represent us as human beings, flaws and all. It is more than that though, they take the paths that we wish we had the courage to take. Anti heroes make it possible for us to second hand experience a life that we would not dare to live. Anti heroes explain the disappointment we feel when we are presented with a happy show that will inevitably have a happy ending, we always end up wishing that the main character had made the wrong decision, just so we could
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