Why Apollo Has Changed Modern Day History

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Apollo is also known as Phoebus , a well-respected individual is the know god of many things. To begin with, the god of music, as he plays a golden lyre(harp). The god plagues and of healing as he gives the science of medicine to man. Secondly, the god of light, as he carry’s the sun. Finally, the god of truth and oracles as the patron who gave wisdom in Delphi.
Apollo had a very important task, which was to acquire his four-horse chariot and drag the sun across the sky each and every day. Furthermore a few of his famous attributes were his muscular physique, handsome face, and his impressive locks of golden hair, only possible with his very own herbal shampoo. Resting above his hair was a wreath made of a Laurel tree, and lastly was known to be an archer and had a beautiful silver bow. In this report of the Greek god Apollo you will discover the significant importance of how Apollo has changed modern day history as well as the Roman gods time period.
Apollon, Latin for Apollo, has quite a wide speard array of material to cover. To begin with let’s start with his birth, Apollo was the son of Leto, god of the Titanesses and Zeus, the god of gods (royal parentage). He was born on the island of Delos off the coast of Palestine. He and his older twin sister Artemis, also an Olympian, shared an aptitude for archery. His forename, Phoebus, means “bright” or “pure” and connects him to his grandmother, the Titan Phoebe. Apollo was a wise God, he was mostly a cheerful
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