Why Apollo Has Changed Modern Day History

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Apollo is also known as Phoebus , a well-respected individual is the know god of many things. To begin with, the god of music, as he plays a golden lyre(harp). The god plagues and of healing as he gives the science of medicine to man. Secondly, the god of light, as he carry’s the sun. Finally, the god of truth and oracles as the patron who gave wisdom in Delphi. Apollo had a very important task, which was to acquire his four-horse chariot and drag the sun across the sky each and every day. Furthermore a few of his famous attributes were his muscular physique, handsome face, and his impressive locks of golden hair, only possible with his very own herbal shampoo. Resting above his hair was a wreath made of a Laurel tree, and lastly was…show more content…
Apollo was very energetic, and always truthful he rarely got upset or angry but, there were a few things that were to much for him, such as someone insulting his mother or when a mortal crosses over in Apollo’s world. Overall Apollo was a very lucky god to be blessed with many powers. Three of Apollo’s greatest powers are to be able to tell oracles and know the future, secondly to be able to heal, and last but not least harnessing the power of light to not be burned by the sun. Having these three great power he also was crowned the emperor of Italy after Conquering the Battle of Actium (31 BCE). Famous Tales The first famous legend is essentially about young Apollo defeating the python of Delphi for torment him mother during pregnancy. The Python of Delphi was a creature with the body like a snake. This creature dwelled on Mount Parnassus, in central Greece. Wherever it went, it diffused an obnoxious smell and spread mischief and death. The python was sent by Hera, the wife of Zeus, to get rid of Leto, Zeus’s lover so that she couldn’t give birth anywhere. Apollo was born, only 4 days after his birth, Apollo was already a strong young man. Soon after the young boy was granted a bow with silver arrows by the blacksmith Hephaestus, which gave him the idea to seek and kill the python to take revenge. Apollo went to the pythons cave to seek after it, as soon as Apollo faced the creature the Python started boiling with rage and lunged
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