Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together?

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Some may argue that educational opportunity is available for all peoples no matter the race. That opportunity is there for the taking. However, obstacles can prevent a student from seizing that opportunity. You can see the obvious impact of race in the African-American community in regards to educational opportunities. Race hinders educational opportunity of African-Americans through the expectations of others and self-identity conflicts. Beverly Tatum 's "Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?"and Ann DuCille 's Multicultural Barbie and the Merchandising of Difference demonstrate what it means to be an African American adolescent in today 's time. One of the obstacles that African American adolescents face is the expectations of others. Often a single comment is all that is needed to imply to a student how another feels about their potential. For example, Tatum describes the experience of Malcolm X. Although Malcolm X was separated from his family and living in a foster home, he was a star athlete, a class president, and an A student. Despite his success as an adolescent, he was told by a respected teacher that his goal of becoming a lawyer was "no realistic goal for a nigger." (Tatum 379) As the result of this single comment, Malcolm stopped participating in class, thereby hindering any current educational opportunities. This expectation from Malcolm 's teacher changed his educational experience making him adhere to his racial
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