Why Are Backs Disrespected Globally

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Good afternoon Rosie, 2/6/16, 2:30 PM (EST)

I gave DZ a comprehensive report to his question “WHY ARE BACKS DISRESPECTED GLOBALLY” followed that with a comprehensive explanation of the effect of the crumbling of the African/Black Empire and to both of those I got nothing back but one little insignificant platitude.

That 's when I realized DZ is all about show and to impress without ever accomplishing anything worthwhile or expressing anything meaningful. For that reason I asked DZ to stop sending me those emails since I could never get a thoughtful reply from him so to answer question “NO” he did not send me that request in this email of yours.

I will however give you my readers digest version to the statement “negative effects on the black race due to Slavery.“

The truth of the matter is there are “NO NEGATIVE EFFECTS ON THE BLACK RACE DUE TO SLAVERY” it 's only a very convenient excuse we 've used throughout the years and even today to relinquish ourselves of the hard work and dedication it takes to resolve our own problems that other prosperous races have taken to successfully deal with their own problems.

You 're a history buff and DZ claims he 's a history buff also so why is it at one time in history many other peoples were slaves to their conquerors and has long since went on to become productive people and today you hear little or nothing from them about the ill effects they are suffering from when they were slaves.

Take a look at Africa many of the tribes
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