Why Are Biological Weapons Bad

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If you were to hear the words biological weapons, you almost certainly hear how they are extremely dangerous and how a terrorist could use them at almost any moment. If you were to hear the words bioweapons you would hear it used interchangeably with WMD and compared to nuclear bombs but is this the actual truth? Are biological weapons truly that devastating and should we be afraid? The answer is it depends on a couple variables. There three different types of biological weapons including toxins, non-contagious and contagious. What separates them from chemical weapons, is the fact that bio-weapons are alive or derived from living things like snake venom. Bio-weapons could be a pretty good terrorist weapon if a terrorist could figure out…show more content…
To further show the ineffectiveness of biological weapons, the most toxic biological substance on earth is used on humans to reduce wrinkles. That's not to say that things such ricin, botox, and anthrax are not dangerous because they are and they will kill you in very small does. The point is they are and never will be as dangerous as a nuclear bomb. With that said there is one case in which biological weapons could potentially be very devastating. The most effective biological weapon would be a contagious one such as the plague. This way if you use it, it will spread itself causing an outbreak that could potentially kill a lot of people. This has happened in once in modern times by a group named Unit 731 led by a man named Shiro Ishii. Ishii and his group successfully killed over 500,000 people using biological weapons, proving that it is quite possible for bioweapons to be an effective killing…show more content…
The problem with the average citizen is they are not very realistic when it comes to international relationships and problems. The world does not run on morals, it is running on pragmatism and ensuring your own survival as a nation. General MacArther took a chance to learn about the awful things that unit 731 did in order to use this information for our own good as a country. This move allowed us to learn about various scientific experiments that could be used and probably has been used to help us cure, treat, as well as prevent biological weapons. If I had been General MacArther I would have done the same things but I probably would have killed Ishii and the other top members regardless. In the end, every scientist wishes they could test every experiment and hypothesis on humans because that is the most applicable but not most ethical so they don’t but the Japanese did, so why not take advantage of this terrible
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