Why Are Black Boys Failing in School

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McCalip, Quiana ENGL 102 D01 Professor R. Mullen Long Research Rough Draft Why Are The Black Males Failing Within American Educational System? What Can We Do? It is easy to point the finger but harder to find a solution as to why the black male child is failing in school. There are several crucial factors that contribute to this epidemic including, parents are not communicating with the teachers, the socioeconomic status of the child 's family, and the father 's absence in the child 's life. Each of these topics intertwine with one another and is preventing a race of young men who will not be given the chance to excel in life. The worst teachers are the parents. Teaching starts at home from the time the…show more content…
It is instilled in most parents to defend their young with that being said, parents should listen to both sides of the story before assuming that the teacher was wrong in their actions. Parents+ Teachers= A successful student. Another problem with parents not teaming up with teachers is the fear of being called a “bad parent”. Most parents of black students do not regularly attend teacher/ parent conferences. These conferences are held usually between the sixth and eight week of school and during these meetings parents get a chance to voice any concerns they might have as well as the teachers suggestions. (Cushman 11). One might ask how can a parent send their child to school without ever meeting the teacher? There are several problems associated with black parents and the school system which I discuss in depth later in the paper. Parents just do not place enough emphasis on their child 's education and in turn the child doesn 't either. There is no way that a child could fail if their parents are in continuous communication with his teacher, yes, during these times there is simply not enough hours in the day but if a parent does not care about their child 's future how can expect anyone else to?” Black children are falling farther behind and are victims of an educational system that is failing them.” ( Muhammad 2). If parents do not realize that a teacher alone can not defeat this task alone, that it takes a village to raise a family its sad to say that
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