Why Are Cell Phones Making Us More Stupid?

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Because kids are having phones before they turn 14, kids are growing up less social and finding it harder to live in the real world. Have you ever found you were thinking about something on your phone while having a conversation with some on. I know I have. In real life going on your cell phones affects the way you talk to people in face to face conversations. In the article by Psychology Today, it states, “Subjects who spoke while a cell phone was in view perceived their partner as less understanding and less trustworthy. They were also more skeptical that further dialogue with their partner would yield a close friendship.” So the main question is, are phones distracting us and making us more stupid? There are two sides to this argument. Some people are saying that cell phones make us more connected to the technological world and they keep us more interacted with the people around us. Others say phones are making us less social in life by taking away face to face time with other friends. They are also saying that people won't go out as often because they are fine with just talking on the phone or texting. In my opinion, kids having any type of phone before the age of 14 should not be allowed. In these early…show more content…
I an article called “Are Cell Phone Hazardous to Our Kids Health”, it states, “There are studies suggesting that in addition to brain tumors, children's cell phone use could result in hearing loss (if they use it an hour a day or more) and the death of the auditory nerve cells. One Indian study found that cell phone users who were on the phone for sixty minutes a day over four years experienced damage to the DNA in roughly 40 percent of their cells.” Later in the article it says that people who use cell phones on an average of 3.75 hours a day are five times more likely to receive a type of brain cancer than someone who does not use a cell
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