Why Are Child Sports Good For Kids

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The Topic child sports is an arguable a god topic. I think child sports are great. Theses are the reasons why there good. Children get social, physical, and perseverance skills. It also trains them to work hard and never give up. They can stay away from peer pressure. Finally they can stay fit and learn to eat good foods. In the article “Teens involved in physical activity”. The author conducted a study where he examined students that weren't involved in physical activity and kids that were. He found out that 80% of students he studied that were involved in physical activity had 4 points or higher gpa than kids who weren't involved in physical activity. This means the kids who play sports seem to do better academically than students who don't…show more content…
The author found out that kids are getting obese by 7% more a year. He found out that 85% of kids that play sports seem to be physically active up to the age 30 on average. They are 75% more likely to be healthy and active up to the age 35 on average. This is really good because people are saying our youth might not live as long as their parents because of the obesity rate. Parents that don’t allow their kids to play sports say “Oh, I don’t want him getting hurt”. I have an solution to that problem. You can let your kid play non contact sports or minimal contact. Such as basketball, volleyball,golf,tennis,e.t.c.. I agree that football is kind of bad for teens because of the high injury rate. But on the other side there is so many sports that have a really low injury rate and or minimal concat. 95% of kids that play sports don’t fall for peer pressure. The reason behind it is that the student will have either practice, a game, or homework he or she will have to do and then they can’t go out with people that peer pressure kids into drugs,alcohol,and crimes. If you think your kid won’t get their homework done because of sports. Look back at the second paragraph. It states that kids that play sports on average has 4 points or higher g.p.a than kids who don't play sports. That's because they are developing he perseverance
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