Why Are Diesels Greener Than We Think?

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Why Diesels Are Greener Than We Think

This paper is not intended to condemn hybrid engines, as they can be good engines and a practical means for vehicle manufactures to power their products or meet emissions. This is to present the idea that gasoline hybrid engines are inferior to Diesel engines. I concede that a Diesel hybrid engine would be more beneficial in some applications. Ideally, we need to come up with better road systems and better road surfaces. If the roads are better maintained, we could use harder material tires without sacrificing comfort and thus gaining in fuel economy due to decreased rolling resistance. If the roads were maintained as well as railroads, then we could really get the economy of a locomotive in relation to ton per mile. A diesel locomotive consist can achieve 470 revenue tons per mile. This is way out in left field compared to the measly 5-60 miles per gallon that cars and trucks can get on diesel fuel. Another way of looking at this is trucks consume 3572 British Thermal Units (Btu) per Ton-Mile vs 289 Btu per Ton-Mile as commonly averaged in locomotives. Additionally, Diesel engines can run on a broad range of fuel blends. I have ran Diesel engines on vegetable oil, lubricating oil/Diesel mix, and bacon grease. A Diesel engine runs much cleaner on non-petroleum fuels and blends than normal Diesel fuel oil. By utilizing alternative fuels and blends with a Diesel engine, you can have even cleaner and better fuel economy by…
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