Why Are Girls Herded Away From Technical Fields?

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I really hate these stupid butterflies. I mean really. They pollinate. They eat dead things. There’s a bunch of them. Done and Done. Eueides Heliconiodes Sigh. So this butterfly travels in groups, I’ve never seen it alone. Their lurid markings mesh with the flowers and create an overall serene atmosphere. They’re pretty. Really, really, really pretty. Pretty boring. I’m only here because “Physicists don’t dress well, Martha!” or “Girls can’t do math, Martha!” or, and this is the worst, “A physicists doesn’t make a good wife, Martha.” Where the heck did that stereotype even come from? I thought this internship would be fun (and to be fair the hiking and exploration actually entertains me) but once we sit down and stare at these biological bores I’m half asleep. Flappitty Flap flap. I groan. Caligo Idomeneus Why are girls herded away from technical fields? Despite what so many poets seem to think we aren’t butterflies, we aren’t “bad at math” or “bad wives” (yes I’m still stuck on that where on earth did that even come from I mean really). Girls are like butterflies so beautiful to look at but so hard to catch. No. We are like people, we want to be treated as if we have more intelligence than a stick with wings. I wonder how much trouble I’ll get in if I write that in my actual notebook. I came because I liked the professor and he liked me. Doctor Elman doesn’t have a lot of spring left in his step and asked me to help him note down some of the species. Truthfully, I hoped it
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