Why Are Good Business Practice? Essay

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Assume you are in a leadership position in the organization. How could you impress upon employees the importance of answering customer messages in a timely manner? How could you make this easier for employees?
Good business practice suggests you answer emails within 24 hours, however, if you answer within 10 to 30 minutes, your clients will be impressed. Even if the response only lets them know that you are aware of the issue and that, you will be getting back to them during normal business hours. This is called exceeding expectations and a way to make our clients, our partners. Your customers do not want to wait days or even hours for responses to their questions or help with their problems and, in many cases, if you force them to wait they will take their business elsewhere. Being available and responsive to customers is a precondition to giving A-plus information. I can make it easier for the employees by providing all the resources to the employees. I will allot a time slot in which the employees all will do is to answer customer messages. I will organize seminars or webinars for the employees to realize the importance of answering customer messages in a timely manner. I will make a company policy that answering customer messages turn around time should be within 24 hours. I can create an app or software to keep a track of customer messages and their period of response.
Develop a plan to audit the communication effectiveness of your company. How would you go about this?
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