Why Are Gun Control Laws Important

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Gun Control Laws- Various studies have come forth arguing the ratio of gun related deaths to amount of conceal and carry permits show that while gun ownership increased in certain states, gun related deaths and violence for that matter decreased slightly . While only slight, a decrease in proportion to the amount of the amount of firearms sold, to deaths is significant in the argument that more guns does not necessarily mean more violence. In come instance, individuals seem safer when others around them are carrying firearms, as this acts as a sort of deterrent system. If someone has the idea or thought to commit an act with a firearm or any act or illegal activity for that matter, there is possibility for an average citizen who had a firearm on their…show more content…
In turn, the individual who will try to commit the illegal act might over think it since the potential of injury or death is grater then the benefits they will receive in the attempt to commit the crime. With not necessarily an absence of gun control laws, but a lax on the current laws in place to be less restrictive to American gun owners, American citizens can practice what Deborah Stone calls “Positive Obligations”. In Stone’s novel, ‘Policy Paradox; The Art of Political Decision Making’, she puts forth certain ‘pillars of liberty’ that individuals and governments follow to make the most of their liberties and rights. ‘Positive obligations’ is where “governments sometimes require individuals to participate in collective effort” . In this case, the collective effort would mean to maintain status quo of safety for every citizen, to make sure they are not causing harm or doing harm to others in accordance to the law, ensuring everyone’s liberties and rights are respected and safe. And while more guns, statistically have a small correlation to deterring crime or violence; the shear presence of firearms in public could be considered a hazard or danger to

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