Why Are Gun Laws Important

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Another one of my values is safety. Police, fire, and other emergency services should be readably available at all times. Any members acting out towards citizens should be punished through termination, fines, and possible jail time based on offense. With all the police brutality scandals in the news, I find this to be extremely important. All emergency personal should be required to have a chest and dash camera on at all times. Film should be reviewed on a weekly basis in a meeting with the emergency responder. Throughout our country many officers are being called in to question. Often these accounts revolve around a white police officer assaulting and even killing African Americans. More recently, it has even included white supremacists…show more content…
No weapons will be available to any citizen with any history of violence or prior serious punishable offences. Certain semi and fully automatic weapons should not be available for purchase to the general population. This will be very hard to implement because of the immense numbers of people that own handguns and larger weapons used for hunting. However, these are punishable offense and should be handled with criminal charges and fines. Gun violence in the United States has seemed to grow with each year. When talking with people from other countries they are shocked by the amount of deaths that are caused by guns in our country. Gun violence is much lower in other countries due to stricter laws. Some states are well on their way to taking down gun crime; something needs to be uniformly done throughout all fifty states. Hawaii has many gun regulations that I agreed with. In 1981, it was decided that any and all guns must be registered in the state through a fingerprinting and photographing process. Anyone that violates these rules will face fines and jail time. In addition, it is illegal for anyone with a violent history or involvement in drugs to own ammunition or a gun. The same penalties apply to those who do (Peters, Cook, & Ludwig, 2005). Being from a family that hunts, I have grown up around shot guns and muzzleloaders. I believe these type of weapons should be available for purchase at the age of eighteen…show more content…
Any discrimination or noticeable harm to LGBTQ identifiers will be classified as a hate crime. In the last couple years in the United States some breakthroughs have been made regarding LGBTQ identifiers. Same sex marriage is now federally legal. It is also the right of these couples to start a family. However, that doesn’t always mean that it is easy. Laws are also in place that stat employers cannot discriminate workers based on their sexual orientation, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen. We often don’t hear about these instances as often as we do about large attacks on these people. A shooting a nightclub directly impacted the LGBTQ community. It was a brutal hate crime (“About LBGT Human Rights,” 2016). Someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or anything else is no less of a person. Therefor they should be treated with the same criteria as all
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