Why Are Kitties Wrong

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You might have come back home once to a trail of litter on your couch, table, counter and even your bed left behind by you playful cat. This is a common story in many families. You might even have considered giving her away but was too overcome with guilt remembering what you two have gone through. Kitties are absolutely adorable, when she looks at you with those beautiful eyes, don’t you just want to do anything for her? What about when she performs her magical dance moves, pawing, hugging and licking?
Research shows that kitties are best trained within the first eight weeks of their lives which is when their brain is developing and skills learnt during this period stick for life. Whether you are just now starting her training or she is
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It is therefore important to keep their litter area as clean as possible. This means regular scooping through the litter to ensure you pick out all the poop and urine clamps. In addition to this; you will need to completely change and wash the litter box regularly, at least twice a week if you are using clay litter, failure to which you risk her using your mat for her business when she find the litter box too dirty. This not forgetting you will need an additional box for each you…show more content…
The new litter robot open air means no more scooping. The litter robot gladly does this for you through its programming.
 If you own several cats then chances are you have had to manage a litter box for each of the cats. This can be a lot to handle because it means cleaning each litter box every time it is used whether minutes or hour apart. The litter robot open air saves you money and time because its ability to clean itself means you only need one for all your cats. Just a few minutes after use and its ready for your next cat.
 Being away on social or business trips most of the times gets you worried about your cat’s health and bad odor in the house. The Litter Robot Open Air takes care of this problem by eliminating any bad odors by using one of its special features- carbon filters that act as deodorizing agents. You can invite your friends and family to the house without worry of encountering embarrassing odor especially when cats are on the act doing their
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