Why Are Naps A Good Idea?

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I am Diana Rodriguez and I am going to prove that napping is a good idea. I think napping is a good idea because a nap can renew a person’s energy. Also, naps can reduce the number of mistakes a tired person makes. First, napping can be great choice for everyone because it can probably help you from stress and maybe it can help you relax. It can take the hours you miss from sleeping and replace the hours by taking naps. You should at least take 24 minutes to improve your performance. In the article of “The Secret Truth about Napping” the text states that “ A team of researchers led by David F. Dinges, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, found that letting subjects nap for as little as 24 minutes improved their cognitive performance. So even short naps can reduce the number of mistakes a tired person makes.” However, I think that taking 24 minute naps should be enough but at the same time it shouldn't. I think it should be at least 30-40 minutes because we want to be energetic when we get up and I think taking 24 minute naps might get you tired again. Napping can help you recharge your body. The text states that “ On nights when you don’t get sleep, napping can help to recharge your body and increase…show more content…
From the article of “ How Much Sleep Is Enough?” the text states that “ Sleep deficiency can affect people even when they sleep the total number of hours recommended for their age group.” Napping can sometimes improve memory. The text states from Source #2 that “ The researchers found that napping improved memory, but not alertness. NASA researchers also concluded that longer naps worked better than shorter ones.” The astronauts has two hours to sleep every night in space and some had trouble concentrating, they became grumpy. I agree to the NASA because they should take longer naps instead of short ones. If I were an astronaut, I would have trouble
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