Why Are Numeric Uncertainty? Essay

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However, numeric uncertainty may not be the best form of communication for all users. Most of the work described above was done using university undergraduate students as subjects. It is reasonable to assume the decisions made by this population would be similar to the general population, but there could be subgroups that would make better use of a categorical recommendation. Indeed, using the example of Hurricane Floyd, a majority of residents (64%) followed the evacuation warning, suggesting it was useful to some. It is also possible that some people may do worse when they are given numeric uncertainty information. Some people may not be able to understand or process the uncertainty information, due to limitations in mathematical ability, analytic reasoning, or intelligence, and would instead benefit from a recommendation. The literature supports this idea in specific situations: when faced with a low probability event where the optimal decision is to take precaution, individuals with uncertainty information are more likely to make a risk seeking error, but individuals with a recommendation made fewer errors (Grounds & Joslyn, 2015; Joslyn & Leclerc, 2012).
Numeracy. A basic understanding of numerical concepts is an important part of informed decision making, especially if numerical information included. Thus, it is critical to understand how numeracy, the mathematical equivalent to numeracy, impacts the ability to make use of risk communication. Numeracy can be assessed
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