Why Are Osmosis Important

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Osmosis is absolutely essential because it keeps up the balance of almost everything in you body. If something is lacking in one area, osmosis will pick up the slack by moving one resource to the lacking area. The nephron is the most important part of the kidney because its regulates what can and cant be absorbed, not only that, but it deals with how many solutes and water can be in your system. If we didn't have the nephron our bodies would never know when to drink water and we would most likely die. Our kidneys and osmosis play a special role in the excretion of harmful substances that our bodies absorb.
Osmosis helps the kidneys by making it easier to transport solutes and around to the different parts of the kidney for filtration, re-absorption, and excretion.

Think of marine mammals, which breathe air like we do but drink only salt water. How do aquatic organisms deal with the different concentrations of salt in the water:

It all has to do with the concentrations of solutes in the blood stream of the animal. Some crustaceans rely on cell
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Compare this to the passage of nitrogen through the human body. How and why does it finally leave the body:

Nitrogen makes up 3% of our body. It is an essential compound for the production of proteins and amino acids. Nitrogen is normally taken in through food. Humans can't take it from the soil or air so we need other organisms to turn it into something we can use. Nitrogen can be recycled, but it generally leaves through the urine because its a key component of ammonia. If the nitrogen can still be used it will be mixed with the filtrate and reabsorbed.

A study of kidney function usually focuses on the nephrons, and the filtrate that passes through them. But there are other important elements as well. Discuss the importance of the medulla, the epithelial cells of the
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