Why Are Parents Raising Grandchildren?

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Why Are Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Parents are the ones we love unconditionally. They raise us to be better than themselves, teach us morals, and let us venture out into the world with all the right tools to be successful. However, many children are less fortunate to experience what a parent is because most are being raised by their grandparents. According to an article written by Deborah Langosch, “2.4 million grandparents and extended family members are raising six million relative children in the United States resulting in a fifty percent increase in the past decade” (Langosch).This increase is caused by many parents who have difficulties with substance abuse, deportation, or economic hardships. For instance, substance abuse takes over one’s ability to think about the cause and effect of their actions. Many times they tend to steal from family or friends, and when this happens it can result in several fallouts. For this reason, family or friends can no longer trust or invite the individual for social gatherings in fear of them stealing. This effect can disassociate the child from relatives and friends. Also, many substance users neglect their children because their priorities are focused elsewhere. An individual that uses a substance is due to the fact that they want to escape from challenges in their life.
Within time, the problem starts to increase. When an addict’s addiction starts to worsen, they realize that they need help. However, some eventually fall

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