Why Are Shark Numbers? Decline And What Is The Potential Effect On Eco Systems?

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Why are shark numbers in decline and what is the potential effect on eco-systems?

Sharks play a very important role in the marine eco-system and are also very important to people for a variety of reasons. The recent increase in fishing demand, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and global warming have all affected the survival of sharks directly. This review will analyse the specific reasons why an increase in carbon dioxide and global warming will impact the survival of the shark and explore the extent of overfishing. Additionally the specific role that sharks play in an eco-system will be discussed as well as the uses of sharks by humans. The research discussed shows some of the physiological effects of acidification and warming of the ocean. The way in which a reduction in shark numbers affects an eco-system is not yet fully understood but researchers have a fair degree of certainty about what will occur.

Keywords: Global warming, acidification, carbon dioxide, over-fishing, Apex predators, prey

Shark populations continue to decline for of a number of reasons. Roff et al. (2016) reports a dramatic decrease in shark numbers as a result of over-fishing due to the rising demand for shark meat. In addition, it also been reported that increased levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere results in ocean acidification, this has a variety of harmful effects on sharks (Pistevos et al. 2015). The increased temperature of the water has

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